About Us

1The Box That travels with you

TravelBox is a subscription based service that brings you items that are necessary for travel in a convenient manner. As frequent travelers ourselves, we know that the grind of airports and long car rides invades on our personal time and that preparation for these trips can be daunting. The last-minute run to the store the night before, shaving with the hotel razor that cuts your face, the “Where’s my toothbrush?”. We want to take this task out of your routine. By subscribing to a systematic or customized calendar delivery of the items you need, when you need them, we take care of this part of travel for you.

We were founded in 2018 in Detroit, MI by a couple of frequent business travelers who wanted to ease the burden of travel.

Chris Scheimer Founder TravelBox
As I travel almost every week, I am always “mentally ready to go”, but we created TravelBox so that people like myself will always be “physically prepared to go”.